Turn connections into customers using smart LinkedIn marketing strategies. 

Create an Impactful Personal Brand that Wins   with 100% Organic Marketing

Hey [in]sider!

But your LinkedIn life looks a little more like this at the moment…

You’re drinking 3 cups of liquid courage coffee & glamming up your high-tech home office—all just to spend hours of your life binge watching YouTube videos that promise to teach you about LinkedIn. 

Trying desperately to piece together bits of information & somehow hoping it shapes up to be a sort of ok strategy that leads to sales. 💰

Friend —It is time ⏰ to open your LinkedIn App and know exactly what the heck you should be doing! 

(In fact—I know it’s possible)

I believe in making LinkedIn work for you

Because— you have influence right where you are. 

By attracting the RIGHT people, you can convert LinkedIn connections into customers. And tell your story in an impactful & intentional way. 

Gone are the days of shouting into the virtual void! 📣

There’s a clear, actionable way to up your LinkedIn engagement—without the overwhelm and “I’m so lost” feeling. There is a proven LinkedIn strategy that really works. 

Say hello to my LinkedIn Business Blueprint 🚀

Time to do things in a different, fresh, strategic, and more meaningful way!

Time to make it less of a popularity game and more about profitability. 

Time to take LinkedIn more seriously

"When I met Salina, I thought I simply needed a lead-generation strategy, but she taught me it was about so much more — from a smart content strategy to curating quality connections to consistently serving up value. Salina gives step-by-step strategies on how to do this along with her unparalleled personal support, so I’m consistently generating demand. The proof is in the results."

“Salina is hands-down the expert you want on your side!”

- Anne Genduso, Career Coach 

A proven lead conversion system and selling funnel that’s relationship-based. 

Level 3: Social Selling

Strategic and intentional content that builds demand for your service.

Level 2: Conversion Content

Have absolute clarity & alignment with your brand, message, and business offers.

Level 1: Personal Branding

"Theinacademy framework is one thing I give credit to for where I’m today! I learned everything from how to build a powerful LinkedIn profile, create engaging content to how to sign high-ticket clients and so much more. Her programs taught me literally from point a to point z and I feel more confident than ever to go all in on my business and quit my full time job. I’m forever grateful! If you’re thinking about learning from Salina and her [in]academy, just go for it and it will change your business.“

“Just go for it, it will change your business!”

- Sebastian, Executive Coach

As a fellow corporate escapee—with 12+ years of experience in corporate sales & marketing—I know exactly what it takes to build a follow-worthy personal brand that triggers all the right signals for the viewers AND the algorithm. 

When I’m not teaching entrepreneurs to go from unknown to visible & valuable on LinkedIn, you’ll catch me behind my stickers-filled Macbook Pro sipping my iced cappuccino (or espresso martini - depending on the time of day) in-hand testing out a new recipe. 

And you only need ONE platform to do that—LinkedIn!

Better known as “Your Biggest LinkedIn Cheerleader”, I’m an Ex-LinkedIn employee who’s still sharing my passion for the platform. 

I stepped out from behind the blue square logo determined to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs turn connections into customers.

People buy from people. Which is why you need to nurture your personal brand.

Hi there! 👋 I’m Salina! 

Meet Your LinkedIn Business Strategist, Salina Yeung

“Salina!! Just had to share some exciting news with you! I’ve been implementing Linked [In]sider Suite Strategies and looked back at my LinkedIn Insider HQ metric tracker & have surpassed the goals I set for myself! You are the best investment I made for my business in the last 2 years.”

“You are the best investment I made for my business in the last 2 years”

— Angel, Finance Expert 

A complete A-Z guide on how to create a follow-worthy personal brand that attracts your ideal clients and transforms your LinkedIn profile into a highly converting sales page.
No more boring (yawn!), unproductive, and incomplete LI profiles. Learn how to create an impactful personal brand story that will move readers to take action.

The “No BS” personal branding strategy that converts 

Personal Brand Boss™

Level 01 | LinkedIn Profile ⭐️

Success rate of Personal Brand Boss™ Confidently built their impactful Personal Brand

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Your post-and-pray days are over. 
Get exclusive access to insights, strategies, frameworks, & never-before-shared LinkedIn Algorithms you can use to create highly engaging content—that converts! 

Finally feel excited to show up online thanks to this proven step-by-step content system for working smarter, not harder. Start sharing messaging with intention & get ready to see dream clients popping in your inbox —daily!

Create magnetic content that gets people talking & sharing. And building demand for your business—on autopilot.

Content Conversion System™

Level 02 | Content Marketing 🔥




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It is possible for sales to feel simple. Even…exciting! 

Once you master smart LinkedIn branding + marketing strategies - the next step is: Selling. 

A one-of-a-kind program optimizes your time + effort spent on the only social platform with a high concentration of business decision-makers. Get a BTS look at the same DM conversations that consistently help me sell out my 1:1 high-ticket program! Start closing more (B2C & B2B) deals with clarity & confidence. 

Ultimate step-by-step guide to easily turn your LinkedIn connections into high ticket clients

Linked Business Academy™

Level 03 | Social Selling 💎





Bundle our Signature Programs & Save.

The most comprehensive A-Z Guide designed for maximum business impact - Using only LinkedIn!

⭐️ Personal Brand Boss™ : Build a high converting LinkedIn Profile
🔥 Content Conversion System™ : Create magnetic content that converts
💎 Linked Business Academy™ : Turn your LinkedIn connections into high-ticket clients

**The only program that includes LIVE Coaching with Salina + Guest Expert Trainings!**


Linked [in]siders Suite


Now Booking: Get Direct Access to Salina.

Ultimate Personality-infused LinkedIn Profile Experience from personal brand to copywriting, we do it all for you, so you can copy+paste in a snap.

LinkedIn Profile in a Week

Hire Me to teach your team to unleash the power of LinkedIn -
Personal Branding,
Content Marketing
and Social Selling.

Corporate LinkedIn Masterclass

1:1 LinkedIn Business Accelerator (6 Months)

HIGHEST level of access to me and where the BIGGEST transformations happen for maximum business impact on LinkedIn. 

{Only 2 Spots open each quarter}

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Start from Scratch Roadmap to sign your first & next clients on LinkedIn

Turn Your LinkedIn Connections into Customers Playbook

Make your LinkedIn profile Truly stands out - get more connection requests, profile views and DMs

Complete Rock Your LinkedIn Profile Checklist

Freebies to level up your LinkedIn Game

"Salina, you’re the LinkedIn QUEEN! I was 4-week in your LinkedIn Business Academy™ and booked 7 sales calls and 3 signed! Seriously, I was struggling as a Leadership Coach and I have no idea it is possible for me to sign clients. Your programs gave me the confidence to fall in love with what I do and continue building my business. You continue to serve and support me in ways I didn't even think was possible!”

- Rebecca M, Leadership Coach

"Booked 7 Sales calls and 3 signed in just 4 weeks"

"I’m halfway through Content Conversion System™ and already have learned so much! I’m literally obsessed with how easy to follow and streamlined every lesson is, so there’s no guessing about anything! Thank you, Salina!"

- Daniela H, Diversity & Inclusion Keynote Speaker

"I'm literally obsessed with how easy to follow and streamlined every lesson is"

"I'm learning LinkedIn Personal Brand Boss™ over the weekend.Your teaching is blowing my mind! I'm redoing my entire LinkedIn Profile & Company Page. This is very comprehensive! I can't wait to get them all together!"

- Andrew W, Executive Coach

"Your teaching is blowing my mind"

"I learned an insane amount of insider information from Salina that I wouldn't have gained from other sources. After working with Salina, my LinkedIn profile views increased by 140%, content impressions went from 39,277 to 103,445, and I felt more confident about telling my own story and building a strong personal brand. I highly recommend her if you're looking to grow your impact on LinkedIn.”

- Jenny W, Money Coach

"Challenge me to move out of my comfort zones & learned insane amount of insider info"

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