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“Salina, you’re the LinkedIn Queen! Your programs gave me the confidence to fall in love with what I do and continue building my profitable business!”

– Rebecca M, Leadership Coach

“From nobody to thought leader on LinkedIn. Just last 2 weeks, I closed two 4-figure clients!” 

— Faisal S, 10x Performance Coach

“From 1.8K to 6K followers in 3 months, featured by Fast Company and won the LinkedIn US Creator Accelerator Program.”

— David W, CIO at one of the Top Law Firms in the US

But your LinkedIn life looks a little more like this at the moment…

You’re drinking 3 cups of liquid courage coffee & glamming up your high-tech home office—all just to spend hours of your life binge watching YouTube videos that promise to teach you about LinkedIn. 

Trying desperately to piece together bits of information & somehow hoping it shapes up to be a sort of ok strategy that leads to sales. 💰

Friend —It is time ⏰ to open your LinkedIn App and know exactly what the heck you should be doing! 

(In fact—I know it’s possible)

I believe in making LinkedIn work for you

Because— you have influence right where you are. 

By attracting the RIGHT people, you can convert LinkedIn connections into customers. And tell your story in an impactful & intentional way. 

Gone are the days of shouting into the virtual void! 📣

There’s a clear, actionable way to up your LinkedIn engagement—without the overwhelm and “I’m so lost” feeling. There is a proven LinkedIn strategy that really works. 

Say hello to my LinkedIn Business Blueprint 🚀

Time to do things in a different, fresh, strategic, and more meaningful way!

Time to make it less of a popularity game and more about profitability. 

Time to take LinkedIn more seriously

With my proven lead-conversion system,
we implement a sales funnel that builds relationships — not just one-time customers.

Level 3: Social Selling

We create strategic, intentional content that drives demand for what you have to offer.

Level 2: Conversion Content

We distill your brand, message, and business offers into a crystal-clear, laser-focused brand strategy.

Level 1: Personal Branding

"Theinacademy framework is one thing I give credit to for where I’m today! I learned everything from how to build a powerful LinkedIn profile, create engaging content to how to sign high-ticket clients and so much more. Her programs taught me literally from point a to point z and I feel more confident than ever to go all in on my business and quit my full time job. I’m forever grateful! If you’re thinking about learning from Salina and theinacademy, just go for it and it will change your business.“

“Just go for it, it will change your business!”

- Sebastian, Executive Coach

August 2017

Picture me, a corporate marketing and sales leader who just landed her dream job: Account Director of Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn, traveling Asia & Europe to train enterprises on effectively using LinkedIn for their businesses. 

I loved the freedom but in the back of my mind, I knew I wasn’t fully in control. I was still working 9-5 fulfilling someone else’s goals.

March 2020

Then Covid hit, traveling was no longer a safe option. I was devastated. My dream job was no longer the same and I was 5764 miles away from my family and being with them was SO important to me. 

So, I quit. I was heartbroken 💔 but knew this was the RIGHT thing to do.

 July 2020 

I was looking for other ways to create opportunities and decided to publish a blog, LinkedIn-Pro, that shared everything there is to know about LinkedIn.

After a few publications, everything blew up (in a good way) 💥!!

Old clients started messaging me, wanting to work together. It attracted new people wanting to learn all things LinkedIn. 

Aug 2020

I launched The Complete LinkedIn Personal Brand Mastery Course. My original goal was to hopefully have 3 paying students, but 25 showed up. It was a huge success!

Sep 2020

I zeroed in on coaching & education on all things LinkedIn & rebranded to theinacademy.

My mission was to empower entrepreneurs to go from “unknown” to highly visible online by building a powerful (and profitable) personal brand. I knew first-hand how to create magnetic content and build demand for one’s business, turning LinkedIn connections into customers!

Everything happens for a REASON. That life-changing decision led me to where I'm today.

Sep 2021 - Now

Since then…some highlights of what I’ve been up to:

✔️Welcomed 85 students to my LinkedIn Personal Brand Academy (LPBA) 2.0 in the first year.
✔️Got featured by the LinkedIn News Team and invited to be a LinkedIn Learning Instructor.
✔️Helped over 228 students from 20+ countries build follow-worthy personal brands.
✔️ Grown our LinkedIn Insiders Community to 22,000+ people & still counting! 

Let’s take a walk down memory lane

Learn LinkedIn for Business with Salina

Everything [in]side of my Signature LinkedIn Programs is based on techniques I’ve taught to hundreds of online business owners (with an incredible success rate & profit-making stories to match!). 

How can I prove it?

Well, for starters, I practice what I preach.

Using these same exact strategies, I went from: 

I’m the go-to LinkedIn Business Strategist for entrepreneurs ready for a LinkedIn strategy that catches eyeballs, wins trust, and lands clients. 

Hey, I'm Salina!


20,000 Best-fit Community members

202 Profile views

8 Million Profile views 

Creating posts that only attracted crickets

Daily “Can I work with you?” DMs/Messages

Wishing, Hoping, Dreaming

Featured by LinkedIn News, Yahoo, invited as LinkedIn Instructor and SO much more...



Here are my credentials, from when I worked as the Director of Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn:

Led marketing + branding campaigns for Marriott Bonvoy, Mercer, HSBC, Stanford University, L’OCCITANE, Gartner and more. 

Spearheaded content marketing workshops, AMAs, and interviews with Fortune 1000 marketing moguls, agencies, and CMOs.

Partnered with the hottest businesses on the planet, crafting iconic promotional campaigns and scaling their multi-million dollar empires. 

Still want to know more? 

And now, I want to give you direct access to my methods and formulas.

Still not convinced? Let the results from my past clients and students speak for themselves!

Salina Yeung

If you want to invest in something with minimum risk and guaranteed maximum return, invest in yourself.



The most comprehensive A-Z Guide designed for maximum business impact - Using only LinkedIn!

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“Made $28,000 & transitioned from everybody’s Career Coach to Finance Career Coach for tomorrow’s CFO. I couldn’t thank you enough, Salina!” 

— Angel Lam, Finance Career Coach

“Salina blew my mind wide open. I thought I knew LinkedIn pretty well. I was wrong. In a fast-paced engaging presentation, Salina showed me how much more I could do to use this tool to grow my business and my brand.”

– Christine B., CEO at Rbb Communications

“OMG, SALINA!” You & your team have outdone yourself, my new LinkedIn profile & tagline are amazing! I’ll get everything updated on my page today. And the hashtag DEByDani? GENIUS! I love it.”

— Daniela Herrera

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, you LOVE working with someone who is 120% invested in your SUCCESS as an Individual + Entrepreneur!

X You want a magic pill for overnight success.

X You prioritize no. of follower over long-term WINS for your business.

X You’re all about DIY—no expert help (which is totally fine 👀)

X You’re not interested in using LinkedIn as a marketing tool to grow your business and aren’t committed to being consistent.

X You're not open to being challenged and re-think social media marketing.

❌ I'm NOT your LinkedIn Coach if...

✓ You know the best way to build an impactful business is through Content Marketing.

✓ You know the value of powerful content and want yours to represent you and your business’ finest qualities.

✓ You're serious about using LinkedIn to attract clients and get RESULTS.

✓ You want to create a happy and healthy relationship with the platform without feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

✓ You're looking for a learning experience where you can have a lot of FUN.

✅ I'm your Go-To coach if...

Wondering if I’m the right coach for you?

Invest in yourself and your dreams.


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build a highly converting LinkedIn profile, create magnetic content that converts and turn your LinkedIn connections into high-ticket clients.

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