The “No BS” personal branding strategy that converts LinkedIn Connections into paying customers.

Create a powerful personal brand on the ONE platform that really matters: LinkedIn

Personal Brand Boss™

The only program you’ll ever need to create a high-converting LinkedIn profile that succinctly communicates the value of your business and will attract best-fit clients for years to come. 

The Personal Brand Boss™ is a proven personal branding building strategy broken down into a simple-to-follow guide. You’ll receive the exact steps on how to quickly transform your LinkedIn profile into a self-sufficient inbound sales page and how to build a highly impactful presence on the platform that will attract followers and viewers to your page.

What if I told you that you can generate more traffic and interested eyeballs to your business than your website in just under 30 Days (and every single day after that)?

👎🏼 A LinkedIn profile that is boring (yawn!) and reads like a resume.

👎🏼 Your profile views (aka website stats) are not going up, despite showing up consistently on the platform.

👎🏼 Stagnant follower growth that doesn’t fill your sales pipeline.

👎🏼Occasionally DMs from others, but not from your ideal clients.

👎🏼Struggling to communicate the REAL value of your offer. 

Without a clear LinkedIn Personal brand strategy ,you’ve been experiencing…

If marketing is a constant battle, then it could be for a variety of reasons…

👀 You’ve heard a lot of advice thrown around and you’re not sure what to listen to because you absolutely do not want to feel slimy

👀 People are selling something similar to you, so how are you supposed to stand out?

👀 You’re piecing different LinkedIn strategies and download different freebies left and right, but none of them are sticking or feel aligned with your values

“How can I gain more visibility and generate more business on LinkedIn just by starting with my profile and focusing on my personal brand?”

Ready to Transform Your LinkedIn Personal + Company Profiles into Evergreen Inbound Sales Pages?

And do this over and over again. 

I’m going to show you HOW to scale a trust-worthy and relatable personal brand that markets what you have to offer. 

What if LinkedIn growth could feel easy? What if I dare to say fun + exciting?

"I had a 90% increase in profile views & 300% increase in search appearances. I was able to reach an international audience. Salina is so supportive & very dedicated to her clients!"

— Petra, Corporate Leadership Trainer & 8x Author

"Before reaching out to Salina, I didn't understand how LinkedIn worked or how to use it to attract my ideal client. I was able to increase my SSI from 60 to 74 and increase my profile views by 300%! Thank you, Salina!"

— Tinique, Event Strategist for SMB

"Within 2 weeks, the LinkedIn Newsteam featured me —twice! And doubled my LinkedIn Search Results and my profile views! Love theinacademy!"

— Anne, Career Coach

"She took me from nobody to thought leader on LinkedIn. Just last 2 weeks, I closed two 4-figure clients. Today, LinkedIn is actually a stronger platform than my website! Thanks so much, Salina!"

— Faisal, 10x Performance Coach

✅ You deserve to know how to optimize your time on LinkedIn successfully and to wake up every morning with DMs from enthusiastic prospects wanting to work with you. 

✅ You deserve to feel like the powerful CEO you’ve always envisioned and running a fast-growing online business. Instead of being a perpetual seeker, jumping from one course to the next and hoping “This will be the one!” No, thank you.

✅ Let your LinkedIn Profile do the bulk of work for you as your high-attracting inbound sales page.

✅ In a moment, I’m going to show you how to tip the LinkedIn scale in your favor—finally. 

But first, a few key things you gotta soak up …

As an entrepreneur who’s put an immense amount of resources and energy into their business, isn’t it time for you to start receiving a damn payoff?

But first, let me ask you…

Become fluent in LinkedIn Growth isn’t easy, but it’s simple if you apply these 3 strategies:

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out.

Communicate 100% everything you DO + Offer - Build your bulletproof authentic LinkedIn personal brand with magnetic messaging: Your origin story, the real value of your offer and how exactly you help clients.

Grow & Nurture ready-to-buy community + A proven strategy to grow 500 new best-fit followers
within 30 Days. Yup, 30 Mins per day Mon-Fri. That’s it! 

Transform Your LinkedIn Profile A-Z + Company Page into High Converting Sales Page -With enticing sales psychology tactics that bring warm and intentional leads into your funnel.




"Salina, you’re the LinkedIn QUEEN! I was 4-week in your LinkedIn Program and booked 7 sales calls and 3 signed! Seriously, I was struggling as a Leadership Coach and I have no idea it is possible for me to sign clients. Your programs gave me the confidence to fall in love with what I do and continue building my business. You continue to serve and support me in ways I didn't even think was possible!”

"Booked 7 Sales calls and 3 signed in just 4 weeks"

– Rebecca M, Leadership Coach

"I learned an insane amount of insider information from Salina that I wouldn't have gained from other sources. After working with Salina, my LinkedIn profile views increased by 140%, content impressions went from 39,277 to 103,445, and I felt more confident about telling my own story and building a strong personal brand. I highly recommend her if you're looking to grow your impact on LinkedIn.”

"Challenge me to move out of my comfort zones & learned insane amount of insider info"

– Jenny W, Money Coach

“Before joining Salina's LinkedIn Program, one of the challenges I had was increasing my SSI (Social Selling Index). I had an SSI score of 62 and 1,525 followers. After 1.5 months, my SSI score is now 77 and over 7,400 followers. Salina has gone the extra mile to support my activities on LinkedIn. If you get a chance to work with her, you won't regret it! And if you are on LinkedIn and you haven't followed Salina, follow her. She will be your biggest cheerleader on your LinkedIn Journey.

"My SSI score went from 62 to 77 and my following grew from 1,525 to 7400!"

– Craig D, Customer Success Expert

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The 3 Milestones inside Personal Brand Boss™








Create a bulletproof LinkedIn personal brand with magnetic messaging






Grow 500 new best-fit followers within 30 days—and do it on repeat










Transform your LinkedIn profile into a high-converting sales page to bring warm leads into your online world

I’ve used the exact strategies and tools inside of PBB to go from 500 followers, 3 clients and zero community to... 👇🏼

Everything inside of LinkedIn Personal Brand Boss is based on tried and true technique and strategies I have created and taught to hundreds of online business owners. 

These words are backed by real actions. And… I walk the walk too.

The Go-To LinkedIn Business Strategist for entrepreneurs ready to build a high-converting LinkedIn Profile and grow a ready-to-buy community. 

Hey I'm Salina!

My Results


20,000 Highly engaged community

Post crickets

8 Million profile views

0 DMs

Daily "Can I work with you?" Messages


Featured by LinkedIn News, Yahoo, Prezi and invited as LinkedIn Instructor and SO much more...



Success rate of Personal Brand Boss™ Confidently built their impactful Personal Brand

[in]siders in our Community

Countries Served

Students Served





 Plug & Play “Build to Impact” Formula, Mastering CTAs, our best kept secret tools suggestions for both your LinkedIn Profile + Company Page

LinkedIn Sales Page

Proven Winning LinkedIn Routine Checklist (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) actionable item of exactly what you need to do grow on LinkedIn & Done-For-You 180 hours of research on List of influencers by industries for you to engage & grow your LinkedIn further

LinkedIn Growth Strategy

LinkedIn Goal setting, Metrics Tracking, Engagement, Followers growth tracking (Same resource you will be using throughout the the entire Insiders Suite Experience™ 🚀, which includes Content Conversion System™ 🔥 & Link Business Academy™ 💎

Notion Portal

PLUS, you will have access to resources designed to help you accelerate the process at your fingertips 

⭐️ Bonus: Create a highly-converting LinkedIn Company page

⭐️ Create your magnetic brand messaging 

⭐️ Build to Impact Formula to transform your LinkedIn Profile into sales page

⭐️ Understand 4 Most important LinkedIn Performance Metrics

⭐️ Master Sales Psychology

⭐️ 8 Secs rule of Ws

⭐️ Choose your path to Go-To-Expert in your niche

⭐️ Your LinkedIn Business Profile Funnel

Within 5 super-comprehensive modules, you will get step-by-step video trainings on: 

What you get access to inside LinkedIn Personal Brand Boss™

The “No BS” personal branding strategy that converts


Personal Brand Boss™

This program is for Entrepreneurs who want 100% clarity in how to communicate who they are, grow their LinkedIn community and attract their ideal clients to their business.

⭐️ Grow your next 500 best-fit followers in 30 Days

✔️ Expertly craft a LinkedIn Profile from top to bottom (15 essential steps) with our proven ‘Build to impact’ formula

✔️Create a highly motivating elevator pitch with thought-provoking hooks and an inspiring CEO origin story

✔️ Identify and connect with your profile viewers’ pains & desires (About section)

✔️ Build a trustworthy personal brand to WIN EYEBALLS, RELATIONSHIP & CLIENTS on LinkedIn

✔️ Learn how to attract best-fit clients that will take next-step actions (I.e., DM you, book a free call and email you).

✔️ Impact > Vanity Metrics approach to grow your best-fit followers and ready-to-buy community, setting a solid foundation for quality content engagement (Level 02: Content Conversion System)

✔️ Give you a proven strategy to hit your goals (Grow 500 Best-fit followers within 30 days) and help you avoid mistakes & give you shortcuts on how to WIN EYEBALLS, RELATIONSHIP & CLIENTS on LinkedIn

✔️ How to go right where others go wrong: if you want your profile to convert - don’t talk about yourself or your company.

✔️ Upgrade the settings of your LinkedIn profile, so that your target audience can easily find you.

✔️ Write copy that provokes a response & gets your prospect to take action

✔️ BONUS: How to create a highly-converting LinkedIn Company page

inside Personal Brand Boss™ You learn to:

This program is for Entrepreneurs who want 100% clarity in how to communicate who they are, grow their LinkedIn community and attract their ideal clients to their business. 
















Your LinkedIn Growth is Going to Explode!

2 Payments of


One time payment

Get Instant Access:


You also need to be willing to:

Anyone with an online business can use LinkedIn to generate leads, nurture relationships and sell their offers, but…

✅ Show up consistently - I don’t teach post + ghost type strategies

✅ Embrace your unique value in your knowledge & expertise with confidence -- I can give you the strategies & tools you need, but a positive mindset is just as important. 

✅Create and build relationships with your audience - being genuine is expected and a highly-valuable asset in today’s modern ways of marketing, use it. 

With these must-have strategies, you won’t just grow your following for the sake of growth…

You’ll have an inbox filled with ideal clients & best-fit followers

Are you ready to Master the Science of Reach, Relationships and Revenue on LinkedIn?

2 Payments of


One time payment

Get Instant Access:


After joining the LinkedIn Personal Brand Boss Program and learned so much more than I expected, from defining tangible LinkedIn objectives, how SEO works to the routine LinkedIn checklist for both my profile and company one. I grew sensibly in profile views & search appearance and I've seen the number of followers increasing. The training is well organized in modules and easy to follow with downloadable PDFs. My evaluation of the program is excellent in value that helped me to get the most out of LinkedIn. Thank you, Salina!

“The program is excellent in value and helped me to get most out of LinkedIn”

– Giuseppe B, Sales Mentor + Keynote Speaker

Salina's LinkedIn advice and personal branding tips are some of the best out there. She focuses on the ROI of every single part of your LinkedIn profile vs the classic "just make it look good" approach. Salina has brought a wealth of knowledge around LinkedIn strategies, marketing and communication. I'm not sure you'll find a better expert in the field of LinkedIn and brand building than Salina!

“Salina focuses on the ROI of every single part of your LinkedIn profile vs the classic "just make it look good" approach”

– Michelle C, Career Coach for WOC

Salina is dedicated, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about her clients success! Joining her LinkedIn program has provided me with valuable knowledge, habits, and practical tool kits to build my LinkedIn brand and ensure my posts are noticed. I highly recommend Salina to businesses or individuals who are looking to see results quickly with practical guides. 

“I highly recommend Salina’s LinkedIn Program to businesses/Individuals who are looking to see results quickly!”

– Allison T, Consultant for CIO

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Get All Your Questions Answered

Professionals who want to grow their LinkedIn personal brand, get attention online and generate business revenue. This program is especially designed for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Side Hustlers.  

This program is the perfect fit for you if you’re just getting started in your business or if you’ve been at LinkedIn for a while. When you run your business with a strong foundation, get 100% clarity on how to market & sell your offer and personal brand in place. The sky's the limit when it comes to your success!

Remember, you don't have a business if you cannot sign clients on LinkedIn. The Linked [in]siders Suite™ is designed to show you how to achieve this.

Personal Brand Boss™ is a self-paced program (4 Hours of video training in total), meaning you can invest as many hours as your schedule allows. We do however recommend 1 hour of learning and 1 hour of implementing minimum each week to see the results.

You can expect to see decent traction in 6-8 weeks and you can likely change your life and business within 1 month if you follow my strategies diligently. 

You’ll get immediate access to our Exclusive LinkedIn Personal Brand Boss™ Course member area with all the modules, training videos and bonuses waiting for you when you're pay in full; otherwise dripped weekly! So, you can focus on each lesson individually and have ample time to digest the material.

Personal Brand boss™ is a series of proven methods to grow your audience and attract your ideal clients using LinkedIn as the main lead generator + relationship building platform. 

Theinacademy + high level clients use and apply these same strategies to grow their collective empires to over 20K+ Followers and monthly revenues of 8K recurring. 

Unlike other programs, Linkedin Personal Brand Boss™ gives you very detailed, actionable instructions to help you grow strategically from the moment you begin level 1. 

All of the strategies I teach can be done organically and without buying any LinkedIn products. YAY! P.S. If you do have LinkedIn Premium, I have a BONUS specifically about how you can make use of your subscription and get the most out of your investment. 

You have a full year (12 Months) access to the Linked Personal Brand Boss™ course material! That means that all of the Linked Personal Brand Boss™ content is downloadable and you’re more than welcome to save the lessons onto your computer, so you’ll be able to access it for as long as you'd like. 

We've designed Linked Personal Brand Boss™ for our insiders to get results within 6-8 weeks. This means a 12-month container provides students with an additional amount of time to go thru the program in-depth at your own pace. And truth'll get the most updated, integrity-focused LinkedIn Growth Strategies and Techniques and most importantly, we don't want Linked Personal Brand Boss™ to be another program that collects dust.

Instead, we want all our students to stay accountable and see life-changing results in LESS than 1 month of deciding to start leveraging LinkedIn for business.

That said, we understand everyone has different learning styles and our [in] team is here to support you along every step of your LinkedIn Journey. 

We also offer course extensions at a special discounted rate for students who love Linked Personal Brand Boss™ and want to extend their time within the program! 

We highly recommend keeping in contact with the purpose-driven entrepreneurs you’ve made connections with!

Yup, Salina offers SO much value on her posts, videos and podcasts. But those are only a tiny slice of strategies she shares inside Personal Brand Boss™. 

Personal Brand Boss™ is where Salina uncovers advanced strategies and is organized in a clear roadmap, so you have a step-by-step path with NO missing pieces to succeed on LinkedIn.

The 14-Day “Business Changing” Guarantee or Your Money Back!

This comprehensive program is designed to teach how to optimize your LinkedIn strategy with the most up-to-date practices, so you can build and nurture a pool full of ready-to-buy leads.

If you do not find this program helpful within 14 days, email me and I'll send you a full refund. I just ask that you can show that you put in the work. Deal?

3 Milestones:

⭐️ Personal Brand Boss™ : Build a high-converting LinkedIn Profile

🔥 Content Conversion System™ : Create magnetic content that converts

💎 Link Business Academy™ : Turn your LinkedIn connections into high-ticket clients

Access 3 LinkedIn Programs +
6 Months Community Support

Level 1+2+3
Insiders Suite Experience™:

3 Milestones:

✔ Optimize your No-Brainer Profitable Offer Ecosystem

✔ Confidently close those 4-5 figure B2C and B2B deals

✔ Turn Your LinkedIn connections into high-ticket clients—on autopilot

Turn your LinkedIn connections into high-ticket clients

Level 3
Link Business Academy™:

3 Milestones:

✔ Craft magnetic content that builds demand for your business

✔ Turn your followers to raving fans & best-fit clients that DM you—daily

✔ Repurpose your content & get results on LinkedIn & other social platforms for years to come

Create magnetic content that converts

Level 2
Content Conversion System™:

3 Milestones:

✔ Create a bulletproof LinkedIn personal brand with magnetic messaging

✔ Grow 500 new best-fit followers within 30 days—and do it on repeat

✔ Transform your LinkedIn profile into a high-converting sales page to bring warm leads into your online world

Build a high-converting LinkedIn Profile

Level 1
Personal Brand Boss™:

There’s a program + a milestone for each stage of LinkedIn mastery.

Join Insiders Suite Experience™

All we have to do is put you in front of them on LinkedIn.
Big incredible things are coming for you.


The People you’re made for?
They are waiting for you to change their lives. 

Take out all the Guesswork out of LinkedIn Today

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