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What's [in]side?

You might have 3K, 10K or even more than 20K connections on LinkedIn. But so what?
If they aren't engaging with you or you aren't generating opportunities or sales from them, they are just a number. 
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As a fellow corporate escapee—with 12+ years of experience in corporate sales & marketing—I know exactly what it takes to build a follow-worthy personal brand that triggers all the right signals for the viewers AND the algorithm. 

When I’m not teaching entrepreneurs to go from unknown to visible & valuable on LinkedIn, you’ll catch me behind my stickers-filled Macbook Pro sipping my iced cappuccino (or espresso martini - depending on the time of day) in-hand testing out a new recipe. 

And you only need ONE platform to do that—LinkedIn!

Better known as “Your Biggest LinkedIn Cheerleader”, I’m an Ex-LinkedIn employee who’s still sharing my passion for the platform. 

I stepped out from behind the blue square logo determined to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs turn connections into customers.

People buy from people. Which is why you need to nurture your personal brand.

Hi there! I’m Salina! 

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