This one-of-a-kind program that helps you master elite-level relationship-based selling, & optimize your time + effort spent on the platform.

Confidently generate leads & navigate selling on the platform with the highest number of business decision makers: LinkedIn.

Link Business Academy™

Once you’ve mastered Smart LinkedIn Branding (Personal Brand Boss™ ) + Marketing Strategies (Content Conversion System™) → you know it’s time to put on that selling hat. 

Why not meet or exceed your income goals with Linked Business Academy™?

Ensure you scale to a profitable & sustainable 6-figure business— With a focus on sophisticated, relationship-based selling techniques.

Whether you’re selling one offer or multiple—entry-level offers or high-ticket packages. 

Try this hat on for size...

When you decided to dive into entrepreneurship & life as a CEO, did you expect to also be CFO, CMO, CTO, COO, CPA…

I mean…you’re the Chief of EVERYTHING!


*You’re digging a grave for your offers in the Graveyard of Decreased Profit*

👉🏼 “My clients want more custom strategies & training… They matter to me. I can change my offer!”

👉🏼 “My competitor is charging XYZ, so I should include more + charge less & that will attract more clients!”

👉🏼 “I’m not sure I’m offering enough value or delivering the result my client wants. I should add another call.”

Maybe you’re having thoughts like:

The Visionary Hat - You have BIG dreams & you want to offer your clients EVERYTHING. But they seem to be confused, not interested…

Sales feeling like an easy conversation—because you know exactly what to say, how to say it, and how offering your solution is an act of compassion.

Sales pouring in naturally because your leads feel heard, understood, and in alignment with the transformation that you promise.

All your tech is setup and implementing SOPs for you—making you feel like a problem solver, not a product-pusher. 

Ok, put the Sales Hat back on. Imagine…

The lack of clarity that comes from NOT having a signature offer suite makes it so dang impossible to create sustained revenue growth.

Made $29,000 USD using Salina’s Teachings & was Featured by Business Insiders, New York Times, LinkedIn News & more

Anne Genduso, Certified Executive Coach & Founder of MPWR Services

More of a viewer? Watch the full interview here

Made $29,000 USD using Salina’s Teachings & was Featured by Business Insiders, New York Times, LinkedIn News & more

Anne Genduso, Certified Executive Coach & Founder of MPWR Services

More of a viewer? Watch the full interview here

Case Studies

Link Business Academy™ led Anne to generate $29,000 in new sales & getting featured by Business Insiders, New York Times, LinkedIn News. Here is Anne’s full LinkedIn journey…

Anne needed to excel at lead generation (inbound & outbound sales) for her business, but was confused about how to market and sell herself on LinkedIn. Wanting to expand and grow her business but unsure of how to do so, Anne had tried running ads and hired a LinkedIn agency, but nothing really worked.


Signed seven 4-figure coaching clients and multiple consultation calls, which resulted in 18,000 USD Cash collected ($29K USD to-date). She was featured by LinkedIn News team x 18 times, Business Insiders and New York Times. And tripled her following, profile views and search appearance & hit social a selling score of 84 after just 3 months. 


After joining Salina’s LinkedIn Business Academy™ program, Anne realized she needed impactful content, an expertly crafted origin story, strategic engagement with her ICPs & industry peers, and absolute clarity on communicating in her professional conversations about WHO she is, WHO she serves, and WHY she does what she does. Anne learned how to find and nurture her audience to the point of sales, built a robust offer ecosystem that increases average order value and created systems and processes that allow her to support more clients and develop a sustainable online business. 


Made $5,000 USD while on Holiday and booked 7 Sales Calls in her 1st month inside Linked Business Academy™ 

Rebecca Muriuki, Leadership Coach for Black Women Managers {Part-time} | Associate Director at Deloitte {Full-time}

More of a viewer? Watch the full interview here

Watch Rebecca's Interview on LinkedIn vs Instagram

Made $5,000 USD while on Holiday and booked 7 Sales Calls in her 1st month inside Linked Business Academy™ 

Rebecca Muriuki, Leadership Coach for Black Women Managers {Part-time} | Associate Director at Deloitte {Full-time}

More of a viewer? Watch the full interview here

Watch Rebecca's Interview on LinkedIn vs Instagram

Link Business Academy™ allowed Rebecca to build a profitable side-hustle of $12.5K in new sales and getting fully-booked out, while working 9-5 at Deloitte. Here is Rebecca’s full LinkedIn journey…

Rebecca didn’t know where to start or how to communicate what she does. She was balancing her full time job at Deloitte, while trying to promote her side hustle as a Leadership Coach on LinkedIn. She didn’t know how to sign a coaching client using LinkedIn or if it was even possible. Worried that she only had 300 connections, she thought it would take a long time to grow & sign her first client. She was also very afraid of conducting sales calls, not sure how to transition a DM conversation to a sale. Rebecca has built a strong presence on Instagram and realizing her dream clients (corporate leaders) are all on LinkedIn. And the ever-changing IG algorithm made it difficult for her to grow and required her to spend a lot of time finding clients and eventually closing deals via IG. And the video and multimedia focus made it impossible for her to maintain her presence. 


Rebecca hit multiple viral post with 40-75K impressions, booked 7 Sales Calls within a month, 5 x her LinkedIn audience filled with best-fit followers (from 300 connections to 1700 Followers), attracted weekly inbound leads asking about her services via her LinkedIn content, and signed her first set of clients while on holiday and both paid in full $2500 each = 5000 USD cash collected ($12.5K USD to-date). She loves the experience of working with Salina - finding it unique from all others out there. 


Rebecca learned how to create content that builds demand for her business and nurtures sales conversations by mastering Salina’s High-ticket Sales System. Getting her ‘Designed to Lead’ Beta Program booked out hit her coaching capacity, now doubling her coaching prices to launch her group coaching program in 2023 with a business strategy and foundation that’s built for success.  
She expertly crafted her origin story, strategic engagement with her ICPs & industry peers, upgraded her application process and learned how to ask powerful sales questions and design inbound DM strategies to move profile readers into paying clients. 
Building a robust audience on LinkedIn only took ¼ the grunt work she’d put into Instagram and now allows her to source prospects and close deals. Now, Rebecca gets all her clients almost exclusively through LinkedIn as it is her most time-efficient platform to build an online presence for her side-hustle. 


Made $28,000 & transitioned from ‘jack of all trades’ Career Coach to Career Coach for tomorrow’s CFO with Salina’s Teachings.

Angel Lam, Finance Career Coach & Founder of JumpUp Global Limited

More of a viewer? Watch the full interview here

Made $28,000 & transitioned from ‘jack of all trades’ Career Coach to Career Coach for tomorrow’s CFO with Salina’s Teachings.

Angel Lam, Finance Career Coach & Founder of JumpUp Global Limited

More of a viewer? Watch the full interview here

Link Business Academy™ helped Angel to niche down from everybody’s career coach to Finance career coach—that made her $28,000 USD, 8x’d her LinkedIn growth, AND increased lifetime value of her clients by 80% with offer suite (re)Modeling. Here is Angel’s full LinkedIn journey…

Angel was all over the place with her LinkedIn profile, content, target audience, unique value proposition and had no idea how to monetize her professional network. She was also struggling with splitting her time between the two worlds of being a general career coach and an executive recruiter. She was in a constant cycle of feast or famine when it came to her coaching business. 


Angel learned how to niche down from Career+Executive Coach & Recruiter to Finance Career Coach and find her best-fit candidates for her offers. She signed 4 paid clients and collected 28,000 USD cash, gained 80 followers in just a single post and built a strategic product suite that was so irresistible and streamlined, it made it a no-brainer for her audience to work with her. As the coaching side, she really appreciates Salina’s relationship building & dynamic teaching approach and she truly cares for her clients personally and professionally. 


Follow Salina’s Winning Profitable Niche Playbook, Foolproof Offer suite Build and execute Content Conversion System and DM Strategies. Angel focused on saying YES to needle-moving opportunities that light her up, stop constant famine sales mode, set her up for continued growth by generating sales – now on autopilot. With her ‘CFO JumpStart Signature Program’, she managed to dominate her corner of the internet and build repeatable sales pipelines for her high-ticket offers. 


✔️ Want to sell in the LinkedIn DMs? All set. 
✔️ Want to sell your high-ticket offers via Disco Call? Check. 
✔️ Want to increase your conversion rate using an integrated tech approach? Done.
      Want to close 4-5 figure B2B deals?
(And book speaking engagements, corporate consulting deals, & beyond)? You got it!

That’s what this program is ALL about!

When you approach selling from a relationship-based lens & focusing on the transformation your Signature offer provides— Sales stop feeling… salesy.

Mastering the art of social selling is easy
— when you follow these 3 steps:

✔️ An easy-to-follow Offer Design (re)Model, rooted in your audience’s true needs and desires. 

✔️ Centered around your zone of genius. 

✔️ Increase your average order value and stop missing out on sales. 

✔️ Confidently close 4-5 figure B2C and B2B deals.

✔️ Implement relationship-based sales techniques—including the art of following up. 

✔️ (Over)achieve your income goals MUCH sooner than you planned. 

✔️ Overhaul your entire sales process at the highest level—make your irresistible offers stay top-of-mind all year round. 

✔️ Combine your expertise with a streamlined sales strategy. 

✔️ Continue to experience growth—without business becoming stagnant. 




Link Business Academy™ is the foundation for accelerated revenue growth. 

Stick with a proven LinkedIn lead generating system & say buh-bye to uncomfortable cold calls. 

Fully booked out for her premium 1-1 Design To Lead Coaching Program as her side hustle while working full time and raising two beautiful 5 year old twins

"I have never experienced this type of success in this short span of time in my business! Thank you SO much, Salina!"

– Rebecca Muriuki, Leadership Coach for Black Women Managers

Listen to Rebecca's voice note here

"Before working with Salina, I didn’t know how to leverage the power of LinkedIn to show my expertise, thought leadership and attract inbound leads to my business. She is the best coach that I ever worked with because she is always there supporting you, engaging with your content and giving you the motivation to continue doing things better. I cannot thank you enough, Salina!"

“I signed 4 new clients in just ONE week!!”

– Sonia R., Pharmaceutical Branding Specialist 

"Salina’s program was amazing, she makes sure that everyone joining her program succeeds. But most importantly she wants everyone to finish her program with quality information and no unanswered questions. I feel blessed to be part of it, I cannot thank you enough, Salina!"

“Sometimes the universe puts the right people on your path.”

– Aline N, Corporate Events Strategist 

"When I started my first IT business years ago, marketing was summed up as advertising in Yellow Pages or TV. Now it’s a different story. It is impossible to not be overwhelmed by social media's vast array of options and know how to market and sell oneself properly."

“Salina is the real deal folks! She taught me the right way to engage with business decision makers on LinkedIn!”

– Ali N., CEO of IT21st, Enterprise-Level Cybersecurity for SMBs

"She does everything with a constant smile. I’ve learned a lot from her and I recommend any businesses looking for real results and real learning. If you haven’t got a chance to join her programs, I invite you and encourage you to DO IT as she has a one-of-a-kind, loyal community on LinkedIn!"

“Salina masters what she does deeply while mastering how to deliver and guide others on LinkedIn success of all levels.”

– Hamza F, Author & Leadership Mindset Coach 

"Salina is a rock-star in her field. Her teaching style is personable, yet she focuses on the specific measure KPIS during her training. Apart from her well-thought-out LinkedIn program, she also went above and beyond to engage and support her students. If you ever have the opportunity to join Salina’s program, you will not be disappointed and you will get far more than you expected."

“I learned a lot of insider tips on how to amplify my voice of authority and become Top 1% of the Business + Tech industry.”

– Gary C, Digital Transformation Practitioner 

"The insights are just great, Salina has strong work experience with LinkedIn and knows the nitty-gritty details on how to best use the LinkedIn platform for small business. It touches on all important aspects that the platform offers and has a big focus on how-to-communicate and generate sales effectively. She also offers personal post-program consultancy. Thanks a lot Salina!"

“Salina’s approach is honest, detailed & goal-oriented. I dare to say it’s the most complete program available in the marketplace.”

– Vincent B, Strategy & Governance Consultant 

Client Love








It is your trustworthy blueprint to achieving those WILD income goals—you’ve got taped on your vision board—much sooner!

✔️ A roster of excited clients who can’t wait to work with you! …after you optimize your offer-suite. 

✔️Seeing the BIG bucks in your business bank account…once you’re generating quality leads.

✔️Paying yourself a dreamy take-home salary! …when you figure out how to “work less & make more.”
Let’s make mid-week lunch outings—with friends who think you’ve forgotten them—a reality.

LBA zeros in on all those missed opportunities that can help you run a streamlined business from offer, to revenue, to tech. 

Things you can look forward to when you start closing deals on LinkedIn:

Linked Business Academy™

Take a peek at the Holy Grail of 

Strategically use LinkedIn as your revenue-generating machine.

This program is for entrepreneurs who want to confidently close 4-5 figure sales, refine your offers ecosystem to stop missing out on sales and streamline your process to convert more connections into customers - using LinkedIn only!

Step 1: MAP

+ Your Lean + Profitable Business Playbook: to see step-by-step how to hit your first (or next) $100K
+ Best-fit Clients Empathy Mapping Worksheet: map your audience’s problem & how your solution helps them—through 4 persona lenses  
+ [in]siders Hub Notion Portal: track your LinkedIn Metrics

Juicy Resources included: 




Set yourself up for continued growth by generating leads & sales—on autopilot

Focus on only saying YES to needle-moving opportunities that light you up 

Your LinkedIn Sales Success Roadmap: Your first (or next) $100K

Strategically use LinkedIn as your revenue-generating-machine

Step 2: HOOK

+ Brittany: High-converting Sales Copy
+ Sarah: Sales Page Design
+ Legal: Trademark + Protect your biz

+ “Value Ladder” Offer Design Workbook: create a result-focused offer that sells effortlessly
Yearly Offers Sales Plan: set your yearly income goals & watch your sales explode
+ $25,000 Cash Infusion Guide: repeatedly increase your business’ cash flow—on demand  
+Plug-N-Play Marketable Offer Naming Cheat Sheet: be memorable in your audience’s mind & connect with their needs instantly 
+ Business Revenue Roadmap Spreadsheet: predict future cash flow—get clear on when to reinvest & reduce the risk of falling short on income goals


Increase your average order by implementing upsell & downsell strategies


Elevate your customer experience & dominate your corner of the internet


Create a proprietary framework that stands out in the marketplace


Remaster your profitable offer suite & hook your best-fit clients

Understand what your best-fit clients values + why they buy


Step 3: CLOSE


+ Plug & Play Perfect Offer Pitch Cheat Sheet: know what to say & when
+ Done-For-You One-Page Sales Page Copy Templates: Allow you to communicate your offer value effectively and move readers to buyers
+ Discovery Call Script: close more sales with ease (4-5 figure sales conversation)
+ Build your “Apply to work with me” Guide: remove confusion from the first interaction 
+ Inbound + Outbound DM Messages Playbook: make the entire sales conversation simple
+ Leads Tracker via Notion with qualified leads point system: never leave a lead unattended
+ Objection Handling Playbook: navigate every objection with confidence
+ Art of Follow-up Templates: never fear the follow-up again

Set yourself up for flawless closing with advanced sales objection handling


Make sure no leads get left behind by using a lead point system


Find your best-fit clients with LinkedIn search & advanced tools (+Sales Nav)


Create your “perfect” pitch + one-page sales page


Each & every lead that goes through your sales process will never forget the reason WHY they were attracted to you + your offers in the first place. 

Now that you have your expertise-based offers fleshed out…

Harness relationship-based, high-ticket closing techniques

Step 4: COAST

+ Foolproof 90-Days-to-$25K-Profit Blueprint: secure more corporate (B2B) deals
+ Bad@$$ 6-figure CEO Routine Worksheet: flex those sales muscles & gain confidence in your abilities

Extra Juicy Resources included:

Keep your business & offers top-of-mind all year long


Troubleshoot NOT hitting $25K in 90 Days 


Refine & elevate your entire sales process.


A proven framework to turn your LinkedIn connections into high-ticket clients — on autopilot


Students Revenue attributed to LBA:

Enroll now & receive these revolutionary resources to take the guesswork out of selling:

Resource Roll Call

It’s all waiting for you [in]side the Link Business Academy™.


Art of Follow-up Templates


Discovery Call Script + Objection Handling Playbook


DFY One-Page Sales Copy Templates


Perfect Offer Pitch Cheat Sheet


Your Business Revenue Roadmap Spreadsheet


Marketable Offer Naming Cheat Sheet


Leads Tracker via Notion


“Value-ladder” offer design workbook


[in]siders Notion Portal to Track LinkedIn Metrics


Best-Fit Clients Empathy Mapping Worksheet

The 3 Milestones inside the Link Business Academy™








Optimize your No-Brainer Profitable Offer Ecosystem






Confidently close those 4-5 figure B2C & B2B deals










Turn Your LinkedIn connections into high-ticket clients—automatically

Or Upgrade to the Insiders Suite Experience™
& Get 12 Months Direct Access to Salina & Team


12 Payments of $249

Get 2-Month Free


One time payment

Supercharge my

Sales Today

✓ Instant Access to 3 LinkedIn Programs
✓ 12 Months Community Support

✓3 LinkedIn Programs
✓ 12 Months Community Support

Warning: Not for those looking to play it small — only true CEOs ready to get results like these…

There are a lot of programs available that teach selling on LinkedIn in theory, but Linked Business Academy gives you BTS look into how I built a 6-figure business in 2 years. 

Entirely on LinkedIn with a 100% organic sales & marketing approach. 

Over 225 students have built their own 5-6 figure businesses using ONLY LinkedIn (& I can’t wait to help you do the same [in]side LBA)!

I’m dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create, build and scale businesses that are highly profitable + intentional.

Your Strategic & sales-obsessed Cheerleader! 

Hey I'm Salina!

Step into your CEO role & supercharge your revenue growth. 

I was asked to train each city’s team on closing B2C and B2B deals, identifying the right business decision makers, objection handling—all the way to follow-up. 

I saw the limited sales trainings and practical tips available to online entrepreneurs—and knew this program would fill that gap by empowering business owners to cross that 5-6 figure mark. 

For 10 years prior to starting the[in]academy, I was a Director at LinkedIn. I learned a lot from my days being flown from sales events to workshops across the world. 

Whether you’ve been in business a short while or you're a total mogul…

There is always room to make improvements, so when you’re ready to take big, next step… you can do it without the guesswork.

Link Business Academy™ has you covered!

Our little secret:

Plus…it doesn’t hurt to be able to experience REAL return on your investment!

In fact, if you’re anything like our students you could be making 3-5x your investment just 14 days after implementing the strategies inside LBA. 

This is the exact strategy that helped…

Or Upgrade to the Insiders Suite Experience™
& Get 12 Months Direct Access to Salina & Team


12 Payments of $249

Get 2-Month Free


One time payment

Level Up your business Today + say bye bye to 2 steps forward, 1 step back-kinda business

✓ Instant Access to 3 LinkedIn Programs
✓ 12 Months Community Support

✓3 LinkedIn Programs
✓ 12 Months Community Support

Link Business Academy™ is gonna help you zoom out on your business, so you can laser focus on what you truly want and have a clear step-by-step blueprint to take you there.

Turn your LinkedIn Connections into Paying Clients—on autopilot

"Her LinkedIn Program is effective and her content is insightful to anyone who is looking to level up their LinkedIn game. Beyond that Salina is an authentic and great example of somebody living her mission and purpose. "

“Salina is a well-loved LinkedIn Coach and the real deal!”

– Yasi Z, Blockchain Startups Advisor 

"As a former LinkedIn director, she knows her stuff and her coaching style is really down to earth. I highly recommend her to you if you desire to understand the dynamics of LinkedIn and how to maximize this platform for business growth."

“I must confess that when I joined LinkedIn, I was not active until a few months ago I joined Salina’s Program!”

– Joseph T-A, Client Relations & Networking Educator 

"The definition of greatness! Salina has an abundance of LinkedIn knowledge which she shares with the biggest smile from personal branding to content marketing to business strategies to sales. The results are as real as it gets. I’d definitely recommend Salina without a single doubt!"

“I remember a year ago I was trying to get better with my LinkedIn strategies and after Salina, everything changed with A+++ sign!”

– Mikael D, Digital Marketing Strategist 

"The main challenge I was looking to solve before working with Salina was how to use LinkedIn to attract my ideal clients. I found her training material extremely useful with actionable next steps for me to move my business forward. I was able to sign my client and quit my full time job. Throughout the program, I was forever learning something new about LinkedIn and I feel super confident now in using LinkedIn for my business. Thank you Salina for being my biggest LinkedIn cheerleader. 

“I was able to sign my 4-figure Full Event Management Client on LinkedIn and quit my full time job!”

– Tinique H. , Founder of an Award-Winning Business Event Agency

"Before knowing Salina’s programs, I’d say I had the basics sorted out for my LinkedIn universe while having some struggles in maximizing the network and the best ways to share my expertise on LinkedIn. I would highly recommend Salina to any business that is interested in driving consistent income using LinkedIn. I’ve been recommending her program to anyone I know and Salinais literally your Go-to LinkedIn expert!"

“I’ve been using LinkedIn for more than 10 years, I must say Salina’s training definitely is the game-changer!”

– Calvin L., Paid Partnership & Affiliates Strategist 

"After joining the LinkedIn Personal Brand Boss Program and learned so much more than I expected, from defining tangible LinkedIn objectives, how SEO works to the routine LinkedIn checklist for both my profile and company one. I grew sensibly in profile views & search appearance and I've seen the number of followers increasing. The training is well organized in modules and easy to follow with downloadable PDFs. My evaluation of the program is excellent in value that helped me to get the most out of LinkedIn. Thank you, Salina!"

“The program is excellent in value and helped me to get most out of LinkedIn”

– Giuseppe B., Sales Mentor + Keynote Speaker

Client Love

🙌🏼 100% confidence in yourself, your offer and your social selling skills


You could have…

✋🏼 Totally lost selling on LinkedIn 

What if instead of feeling…

Where every Entrepreneur Daydreams of becoming a reality

✋🏼 Unsure what to do to get your business to the next level

✋🏼 Frustrated with inconsistent sales

✋🏼 Worried that this is another short-term business strategy 

✋🏼 Trapped at your current income ceiling 

✋🏼 Unfulfilled & disappointed because you’re not reaching more people 

🙌🏼 Excited for the opportunity to finally work with ideal clients and give them the most profound impact possible

🙌🏼 Financial peace-of-mind to do as you please with that cash in the bank 

🙌🏼 Yearly sales goals that are aligned with your long-term vision

🙌🏼 A roster of excited clients eager to work with—YOU

🙌🏼 LinkedIn become your well-oiled revenue-generating machine

Or Upgrade to the Insiders Suite Experience™
& Get 12 Months Direct Access to Salina & Team


12 Payments of $249

Get 2-Month Free


One time payment

It IS possible. Inside LBA!
So… which plan is best for you?

✓ Instant Access to 3 LinkedIn Programs
✓ 12 Months Community Support

✓3 LinkedIn Programs
✓ 12 Months Community Support

The Answers To Your Burning Questions

Entrepreneurs who have been in business for over 3 months and already have honed in your zone of genius. You’re ready! 

Link Business Academy™ is designed to optimize your premium offers with a long term selling plan that sticks and scales your first 100K revenue using just LinkedIn. 

This isn’t for individuals who are still establishing what they want to sell, no LinkedIn account, still setting up an LLC, don’t have a basic understanding of their audience needs and aren’t ready for the nitty-gritty of transitioning into a high-performing business. 

If you know what you’re good at + who you can serve this expertise and would love to ONLY use LinkedIn to drive your business revenue, then LBA is perfect for you.

Linked Business Academy™ is a self-study program complete with 50+ lessons of video training, worksheets, plug & play scripts and more. You are immensely supported with this master-planned curriculum! 

For those who purchase Insiders Suite Experience™, you will gain 12-month of support from Salina and the entire [in] team. Need eyes on your LinkedIn profile, content, business growth strategy or need your questions answered?

We’ve got you covered inside the full suite — Insiders Suite Experience™ HERE

For sure! If you’re selling high ticket 1:1 offers on executive coaching, digital course on health & fitness, group coaching on money management, a done-for-you copywriting service, a bundle about Tech job search, a membership for events marketing (& ANYTHING else you can think of). This program will show you how to strategically & successfully sell your offers to your people!

Link Business Academy™ is a self-paced program (12 Hours of video training in total), meaning you can invest as many hours as your schedule allows. We do however recommend 1 hour of learning, 1 hour of implementing minimum each week to see the results.

You can expect to see decent traction in 8-12 weeks and you can likely change your life and business within 4 months if you follow my strategies diligently. 

You’ll get immediate access to our Exclusive Linked Business Academy™ Program member area with all the modules, training videos and bonuses waiting for you when you're pay in full; otherwise dripped weekly! So, you can focus on each lesson individually and have ample time to digest the material.

All of the strategies I teach can be done organically and without buying any LinkedIn products. YAY! P.S. If you do have LinkedIn Sales Navigator, I have a BONUS specifically about how you can make use of your subscription and get the most out of your investment. 

You have full year (12 Months) access to the Link Business Academy™ program material! That means that all of the LinkedIn Business Academy™ content is downloadable and you’re more than welcome to save the lessons onto your computer, so you’ll be able to access it for as long as you'd like. 

We've designed Link Business Academy™ for our insiders to get results within 8-12 weeks. This means a 12-month container provides students with an additional amount of time to go through the program in-depth at your own pace. And truth'll get the most updated, integrity-focused LinkedIn Growth Strategies and Techniques and most importantly, we don't want Link Business Academy™ to be another program that collects dust. 

Instead, we want all our students to stay accountable and see life-changing results in LESS than 12 months of deciding to start leveraging LinkedIn confidently to close 4-5 figure clients.

That said, we understand everyone has different learning styles and our [in] team is here to support you along every step of your LinkedIn Journey. 

We also offer course extensions at a special discounted rate for students who love Linked Business Academy™ and want to extend their time within the program! 

We highly recommend keeping in contact with the purpose-driven entrepreneurs you’ve made connections with!

3 Milestones:

⭐️ Personal Brand Boss™ : Build a high-converting LinkedIn Profile

🔥 Content Conversion System™ : Create magnetic content that converts

💎 Link Business Academy™ :
Turn your LinkedIn connections into high-ticket clients

Access 3 LinkedIn Programs +
12 Months Community Support

3 Milestones:

✔ Optimize your No-Brainer Profitable Offer Ecosystem

✔ Confidently close those 4-5 figure B2C and B2B deals

✔ Turn Your LinkedIn connections into high-ticket clients—on autopilot

Turn your LinkedIn connections into high-ticket clients

3 Milestones:

✔ Craft magnetic content that builds demand for your business

✔ Turn your followers to raving fans & best-fit clients that DM you—daily

✔ Repurpose your content & get results on LinkedIn & other social platforms for years to come

Create magnetic content that converts

3 Milestones:

✔ Create a bulletproof LinkedIn personal brand with magnetic messaging

✔ Grow 500 new best-fit followers within 30 days—and do it on repeat

✔ Transform your LinkedIn profile into a high-converting sales page to bring warm leads into your online world

Build a high-converting LinkedIn Profile

There’s a program + a milestone for each stage of LinkedIn mastery.

Join theinacademy™ School

Level 1+2+3
theinacademy™ School:

Level 3
Link Business Academy™:

Level 2
Content Conversion System™:

Level 1
Personal Brand Boss™:

It’s time to take when you’ve built and put it ALL into action! With this optimized offer ecosystem and high-ticket sales mastery, you will (over)achieve your income goals in no time. 

Say buh bye to 2 steps forward, 1 step back-kinda business. You’re ready to take on Mount Everest!

The best part? When you want to chase your next big project and use the same strategy in another social platform or launch a new offer or become a serial entrepreneur …you totally can! 

LBA will be the ongoing training backbone for all your entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Or, ya know, take an extended vacation and send me a selfie. Whatever YOU want is now possible!

All we have to do is put you in front of them on LinkedIn.

Big incredible things are coming for you.

Take out all the Guesswork of building a 6-figure business Today

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