Get a proven content creation system that boosts your social engagement, quickly grows your best-fit followers, and brings dream clients to your DMs—daily. 

Retire your current content strategy on LinkedIn: Guessing.

Content Conversion System™

Wait what?! Those facts weren’t fun at all, Salina!

of your new followers never saw it. 

of your followers won’t remember your posts.

of your followers didn’t see your content




3 Fun Facts You Need To Know

🔥 Be the go-to expert in your niche. 

🔥 Hook and hold your audience’s attention like you’ve always wanted to. 

🔥 And quickly achieve the sought after “know, like and trust.” 

All because of the content you’re sharing.

🔥 Makes your reader think “OMG, are you in my head?”

🔥 Gets followers to your LinkedIn profile—excited to see what you post next.

🔥 Gives your audience quick wins, the confidence, and resources to move closer to their goals. 

The kind of content that:

What would happen if you could easily create content for your audience?

👉 Posting every day on LinkedIn (even on Sat & Sun)?
👉 Commenting religiously on other creators in your industry?
👉 Scheduling e-coffee to build a deeper connection with your community - The Master “Networker”
But… NOTHING happens! 🤦🏻‍♀️
You weren't not growing on LinkedIn OR getting the results you wanted!

Permission to speak bluntly?
When was the last time you tried supergluing a LinkedIn Content Strategy?

Let me guess what that strategy looked like:

Sad truth is…

The various tactics from different experts are NOT designed to work together.

Say it louder for the people in the back!

What you really need is:
A Comprehensive Content Strategy that personalizes your business needs and fits your content specialty - that’s powerful, persuasive and 100% YOU, so people will love and buy — what you sell. 
This is the ONLY Content Program you’ll ever need for Entrepreneurs who want to use content to open hearts and wallets guaranteed.

It’s not you.
This hodge podge approach doesn’t work—for anyone.

So, my friend! It’s time you wave bye-bye to the endless hamster wheel of Content Creation with 0 results and hop aboard the less-is-more (high-impact) choo choo train!

Ready to create persuasive content that’ll turn new leads into raving fans &
learn a fail-proof framework for content that converts?

🙌🏼 I can have a competitive edge if I understand the LinkedIn Algorithm and finally take the guesswork out of creating high-performing content on LinkedIn? 

🙌🏼  I can stop agonizing over a single post and use
a content ideation framework to rapidly come up with churn out quality content in half the time?

🙌🏼  I can simply choose which from 3 Content Pathways based on my speciality and ramp up my content frequency in no time?

🙌🏼  I can access a content repurposing strategy—that really works—so I can serve my audience in all the places
I want to show up?

🙌🏼 I can access a Done-For-You Content Creation Planner, become more organized than ever, post to multiple platforms, & track all my best performing content?

🙌🏼 I can consistently produce content without falling off my audience’s radar while generating daily DMs asking
“can you tell me more about your offer?"


Hold up, Salina, you’re saying…

✋🏼 You post-and-pray that your content will finally go viral just like you’ve seen happen to SO many other business owners—why not you? 

✋🏼 Staring at a blank screen—again. Stuck in analysis paralysis—not knowing exactly what to post or how to get your message out there. 

✋🏼 Other LinkedIn gurus told you to post every day or even twice a day to grow on this platform.You trust & blindly follow.

✋🏼 You did it—post 2-3x consistently on LinkedIn. But how is there no one asking to work with you yet?

✋🏼 You’re drained each week from spending hours crafting your content— which goes straight into the post graveyard & is never seen again. 

✋🏼 You feel a little “fraud-y” or guilty if you repurpose past content or ‘’gasp” share a post from a year ago. 


Your content right now…

You spend 80% of your time creating content that gets distributed to only 20% of your audience & only 8% of that group even sees it — if you’re lucky!

"Salina's program is SO priceless! I even used it not just myself, but also for the clients that I worked for. She is a goldmine of knowledge on how you can best succeed on LinkedIn."

— Ashleigh, Digital Marketer for SaaS

"I went from 1,525 to 10,000 followers, hit multiple 6-figure post views and tons of DMs from my audience. Without Salina, I wouldn't have this success!"

— Craig, Customer Success Expert for Hospitality Companies

"Salina helped me understand how to use LinkedIn to my full advantage. Hit 28,000 views and getting most of my customers through LinkedIn and be able to increase my fee. Thank you so much, Salina!"

— Sebastian, Executive Coach

"My followers have grown over 90% to 5.6K in just 3 months. I've gained a lot more B2B Clients & invited to conduct several paid webinars! Thank you,
Salina & her team!"

— Angel, Finance Expert

"When I met Salina, I already had a good grasp of what LinkedIn was - I was a Recruiter after all -, but I simply had no idea how to make LinkedIn work for me. Salina helped me create a smart and tangible strategy, curate quality connections and leads, and elevate my brand to a level I didn’t even think possible! My results speak for themselves - I went from 68 to 79 SSI, hit multiple viral posts, got invited to speak at different keynote events, and most importantly built a highly-engaged following on LinkedIn. I’ve been recommending her program to anyone and everyone I know."

“Salina is THE BEST LinkedIn Expert out there.”

– Daniela H, Diversity & Inclusion Keynote Speaker

"I have always loved writing but never used it to tell my story in a genuine way. Salina helped me find my voice, get comfortable and develop a consistent habit that stayed with me even when we were on a vacation. I was able to close 2 coaching clients within the first 2 weeks. I have also seen a 140% increase in my profile view and regularly receive message from people asking about my programs. Absolutely a gem when it comes to building one's credibility!
Thank you, Salina as always!"

"Close 2 coaching clients within 2 weeks and a 140% increase in my profile view!"

- Bosky M., Career Coach for Project Manager & UX Designer

"Over the last few years, I’ve made a lot of messy, so-called “investments” on LinkedIn courses. But I’ve never seen a return on my $$$, energy or self-worth so big! Salina doesn’t only share her LinkedIn knowledge and experiences, but also helps clients to understand your own custom content strategy that works for you & your business and design the measurable KPIs to monitor the improvement progress. That’s a true differentiator from other LinkedIn training programs out there. I cannot recommend her enough."

“The Definition of an Investment!”

– Kelly J, Private Wealth Consultant for Tech Companies 

"The Content Conversion System™ covers the foundations of content marketing from educational content, conversion content to copywriting, advanced content matrix strategy all the way to ramping up content distribution based on my unique needs and time available as well as applicable to other social media platforms. Basically everything a new content creator and entrepreneur needs to learn and master. She made me feel confident in putting my most authentic-self out here as I grow my LinkedIn following. "

“The ONLY Content Marketing Program you ever need…”

– Felipe P, Executive Coach 

Client Love

Becoming a content creation whiz is easy —*IF* you apply these 3 Content Concepts:

✔️ Choose your Content Creation Pathway based on your speciality 

✔️ Learn the LinkedIn Algorithm & the best practice for each content format

✔️ Get features that help you explode your growth on LinkedIn

✔️ Free v.s. Paid Content (learn how to get paid using your content too)

✔️ Learn my very own Content Conversion System™

✔️ Get my very own Ultimate 6-Step Content Creation Process to take you from ideation to promotion and beyond.

✔️ Assign specific “goals” to each piece of content and guarantee high-quality results 

✔️ Execute an Advanced Content Matrix Strategy that turns followers to raving fans

✔️ Master copywriting techniques that helped my clients get multiple viral posts 

✔️ Craft powerful CTAs that align with your sales goals

✔️ Focus on your 4 customer personas to practically guarantee open hearts & wallets. 

✔️ Uncover your posting frequency & “work-smarter, not harder” with a content repurposing strategy. 

✔️ Implement 90 Done-For-You Content prompts, so you never start from scratch. 

✔️ Copy+Paste 30 Done-For-You Hook lines to get more eyes on your content

✔️ Snag the All-in-One Content Creation Hub so you stay consistent and organized.

Feel confident AF creating content that gets people talking & sharing. Build demand for your business–on autopilot. 




You’ll have 100% certainty to create highly engaging content that dominates the news feed. 

No more content creation hamster wheel! Hop on the high-performing content choo choo train. 

The 3 Milestones inside Content Conversion System™








Craft magnetic content that builds demand for your business






Turn your followers
to raving fans & best-fit clients that DM you—daily










Repurpose your content & get results on LinkedIn & other social platforms for years to come

I’ve used the exact strategies and tools inside of CSS to go from... 👇🏼

Everything inside of Content Conversion System™ is based on techniques I have created and taught to hundreds of online business owners. 

These words are backed by real actions. And… I’m walking the walk right alongside you.

The Go-To LinkedIn Business Strategist for entrepreneurs ready to create content that converts, ramp up social engagement, and attract dream clients to the DMs—daily. 

Hey I'm Salina!

My Results


20,000 Highly engaged community

Post crickets

8 Million profile views

0 DMs

Daily "Can I work with you?" Messages


Invited to create a
content marketing course for LinkedIn Learning



And now, I want to give you direct access to my methods + formulas. 

+ Working with marketing + branding campaigns for Marriott Bonvoy, Mercer, HSBC, Stanford University, L’OOCITANE, Gartner and beyond. 

+ Spearheading content marketing workshops and industry leaders AMA - interviewing CMOs, agencies and marketing moguls from Fortune 1000

+ Partnering with the industry’s hottest businesses on the planets - crafting iconic promotional campaigns and scaling their multi-million dollar empire. 

Before I said “Smell ya later” to my Head of Marketing Solutions, I had the honor of:




ads dollars spent






The Confident AF Content Conversion System that brings you DMs from dream clients—daily.

Content Conversion System™


Content Conversion System™ is a proven content creation process for entrepreneurs to create content that builds demand for their businesses, turns followers to raving fans, and prioritizes smart ways to repurpose content. 

Step 0: Start Here

Define your Content Specialty focus: master your best content medium for maximum results + profit. 

Must See Content: 

Set yourself up for LinkedIn Growth by picking your content speciality, understand LinkedIn performance metrics, warm up your audience for better social engagement, and craft your first high-performing post.

Choose your Content Creation Pathway based on your Speciality

Here’s What’s inside of Content Conversion System™

Step 1: Optimize

+ Content cheatsheet: make it simple & sweat-free to plan content on LinkedIn.
+ Viral Content best practices: breakdown the most influential Creator content for each LinkedIn content type & use easy-to-follow formulas. 
+ 15 Secrets of the LinkedIn Algorithm Playbook. 

Extra Juicy Resources included:

Understand different content format best practices & the power of LinkedIn creator mode.


Take the guesswork out of creating highly-engaging content that converts on LinkedIn. Cut through the competitive noise & stand out!

Discover Secrets to Win over the LinkedIn Algorithm

Access my very own Content Conversion System™ that has my inbox blowing up with DMs—daily!


Step 2: Create

+ All-in-One Content Creation Hub: stay consistent and organized w/ content creation & easily track content performance metrics. 
+ Discover your 4 ideal customer personas: improve your marketing strategy & practically guarantee open hearts & wallets. 
+ Plug & Play Script: collect your Client’s success stories and make your offer so irresistible that sells like hot cakes
+ Content Toolkit & Brainstorming Techniques: churn out content in half the time

Extra Juicy Resources included:



Execute my Advanced Content Matrix Strategy that turns your followers into raving fans

Learn how to assign specific “goals” behind every piece of high-quality content 

This is the exact strategy I used to grow from 500 to 18,000 best-fit followers and hit 8M profile views

Access the 6-Step Winning Content Creation Process

Step 3: Accelerate

+ 30 DFY Hook lines Swipe File: get more eyes on your content & drive people to come find you for [that thing you do]. 
+ 90-DFY Content prompts: never start from scratch! 
+ Content calendar: easily visualize all your future content & access your performance metrics—in ONE place.

Extra Juicy Resources included:

Become the boss of content batching & get more eyes on your content for maximum reach. 

Simplified & strategic systems that help you easily repurpose one piece of content 10 times! 



Creating systems & procedures can feel like a never-ending list of To-Dos… Get ready to make the whole thing feel easy breezy! 

Master Content Distribution Systems to Streamline + Capture inbound leads Automatically

Everything is Done-For-You, get started immediately and get your audience raising their hands (both) in the comments, DMs and applications just through your highly resonating content. 

Going live, batching filming, repurposing video content and on camera tips with my best kept secret app suggestions when it comes to video editing, auto-caption and “special effort'' to make stunning + engaging videos. 

BONUS Training: 60 Mins Grow Your Highly Engaged Community with LinkedIn Video 

Take immediate action on content creation with these DFY graphics for Carousel (Document), infographic post, LinkedIn Live cover photo and
LinkedIn blog Article Banner. 

DFY Canva Graphics templates from my in-house designer

This robust Lead Tracker will tell you exactly cold, warm to hot lead and move them from my 6 social selling stages. Speed up the journey from best-fit connection to warm lead to credit-card hot & ready to buy customers. 

Plug & Play DM Lead Tracker

The uninspiring days of content creation are now over. Dig yourself out of a content creation rut and stop creating content just to create content. Spend less time researching and more time furthering your business
and changing more lives. 

120 Content ideas Vault for any niche

Nope, we’re not done yet. You will also get…















3 Payments of

Get Instant Access:


One time payment

Prepare to have your Mind Blown!

"Salina helped me tremendously in finding my leadership voice, encouraging me to show up by posting consistently on LinkedIn and believing that the world needed to hear what I had to share. I was struggling to showcase myself as a musical performer on LinkedIn, Salina taught me how to leverage the featured section to promote my events. This helped increase my overall content engagement rate by 1.56X and increased profile views from the 2 digits to the 3 digits. She shows up every day and uses her own strategies and relationship building abilities to be the example we all need to see."

“Salina is phenomenal at explaining the content process and how the LinkedIn Algorithm works!”

– Ella W, Content Creator 

"As a result of this new change, many people have found me. I learned how to batch and create content using her effective all-in-one content calendar via notion. I’ve saved so much time because of this and be able to track my LinkedIn growth content performance data easily. She gets you thinking outside the box in order to find your ideal clients. After working with Salina, I feel that I can make a huge impact with others on LinkedIn."

“I didn’t know how to share my strength and how I help others before working with Salina!”

– Sri M., Video Visibility Coach 

Client Love

Hit 5.5 M+ Content views in just 4 months & featured by Kitco News, WSJ, Bitcoin Magazine

Andrew A. — Bitcoin & Marco Expert 

Hit 3 M+ Content views in just 4 months & featured by Bitcoin Magazine

Andrew A. — Bitcoin & Marco Expert 

Case Studies

Followed Salina’s Copywriting Techniques, focus on intentional and strategic content systems and batch content a week in advance to stay consistent using CCS’s notion client portal. His shoutout post to CCS Program click here.

Proudest Wins

Don’t know how to create content that position him as the thought leader of the Digital Currency Space on LinkedIn and consistently show up.

Hit 3 Million Content Views after just 4 months, 20K engagements & 8000 new followers. That’s not it – 2680 Search appearance and 6040 profile view, and hit 8 Viral Posts with
 55-210K impressions.



Hit multiple viral posts with 80K+ impressions & invited to speak at D & I Panel


Hit multiple viral posts with 80K+ impressions & invited to speak at D & I Panel


Understand LinkedIn Algorithm that favors her engagement, choose her content specialty pathway that works for Daniela’s niche and industry topics, learn how to ramp up content frequency and distribution and assign specific goals to each piece of content to boost overall social engagement. 

Proudest Wins

Don’t know how to boost her overall LinkedIn engagement despite she has 22K followers before Salina’s Program, didn’t know how to market and communicate WHO she is, build a impactful brand and position herself as the go-to expert in her Diversity & Inclusion space

Hit multiple viral posts with 65-80K impressions and with one that hit 2000+ engagements, crafted her origin story, featured by LinkedIn News Team and got invited to speak at several D & I leadership & Latina Women leaders panel. 



Went from 1.8K to 6K Followers in 3 months & featured by Fast Company, Law360 & more

David W. - CIO at one of the Top Law Firms in the US

Went from 1.8K to 6K Followers in 3 months & featured by Fast Company, Law360 & more

David W. - CIO at one of the Top Law Firms in the US

Followed Salina’s advanced content strategy, focus on intentional and strategic content systems, leverage her content notion portal to batch content a month in advance to stay consistent. 

Proudest Wins

Don’t know how to boost his overall LinkedIn engagement, his account has been growing really slow and didn’t know how to position himself as the thought leader in his LegalTech space.

Went from 1800K followers to 6000 followers in 3 months, hit 7 viral posts with 1 post that with 3345 Engagement, expertly crafted his origin story, got featured by Fast company, Law360 & invited to speak at leadership panels. 



you LOVE working with someone who is 120% invested in your SUCCESS!

So, if you're ready to work with someone who truly cares about you as a Person + Entrepreneur.

X You're searching for the magic pill to help you become an overnight success

X You're blindly chasing the no. of followers, not focusing on the long term WINS for your biz

X You wanna DIY your way to grow without an expert’s help (which is totally fine 👀)

X You don't want to use LinkedIn as a tool to grow your business and are not committed to being consistent

X You're not open to being challenged in the way you think and change the old, outdated method of marketing

❌ I'm NOT your LinkedIn Coach if...

✓ You know Content marketing underpins everything when it comes to business, brand and you see the value of it

✓ Your content isn't properly representing who you are and the quality of your business

✓ You're serious about RESULTS and want to use LinkedIn to attract clients to your business

✓ You want to create a healthier relationship with the platform without feeling overwhelmed

✓ You're looking for an online learning experience where you can have A LOT of FUN.

✅ I'm your Go-To coach if...

Wondering if this is the right program for you?

You also need to be willing to:

Anyone with an online business can use LinkedIn to generate leads, nurture relationships and sell their offers, but…

You’ll have an inbox filled with ideal clients & best-fit followers

✅ Show up consistently - I don’t teach post + ghost type strategies

✅ Embrace your unique value in your knowledge & expertise with confidence -- I can give you the strategies & tools you need, but a positive mindset is just as important. 

✅ Create and build relationships with your audience - being genuine is expected and a highly-valuable asset in today’s modern ways of marketing, use it.

With these must-have strategies, you won’t just grow your following for the sake of growth…

Once you put Content Conversion System™ into play...

There are the messages You’ll Get:

…And these are the results you’ll experience. 

3 Payments of



One time payment

Are you ready to create content that opens hearts + wallets — guaranteed?

Get Instant Access:

Lingering Questions?

Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Side Hustlers who want a reliable proven content system for creating quality content across various social media platforms. If you have important knowledge to share with the world but struggle to craft your message, BTS look at my tried & tested 6-step content creation system from ideation to copywriting to promotion to distribution and beyond. This self-paced program is not some “Trick & hack” program. It’s focused on a simplified, streamlined, result-packed content conversion system.

Content is the future. 
Content is the NEW form of leverage. 
Content has become one of most VALUABLE digital assets. 
The fact that not everyone knows how to master this — what’s going to give you an edge. 
The future is in your hands — Start CREATING online. 

Personal Brand Boss is getting a deep understanding of the nuances behind building a follow-worthy personal brand and growing your best-fit following on LinkedIn. 

Content Conversion System™ is specifically for creating a content system to produce highly engaging written and multi-media content that converts at scale, across various social media platforms. 

Content Conversion System™ is a self-paced program. You will not have 1:1 access to Salina in the program. However, when you join Linked [in]siders Suite, you will gain 6 months of support from Salina and the entire [in] team. Need eyes on your weekly/monthly content or need your 24/5 LinkedIn questions answered? We’ve got you covered inside the full suite. 

Checkout: LinkedIn [in]siders Suite HERE

Content Conversion System™ is a self-paced program (6 Hours of video training in total), meaning you can invest as many hours as your schedule allows. We do however recommend 1 hour of learning and 1 hour of implementing minimum each week to see the results.

You can expect to see decent traction in 6-8 weeks and you can likely change your life and business within 3 months if you follow my strategies diligently. 

Content Conversion System™ is designed for entrepreneurs creating a high volume of written and multimedia (Video, Graphics, etc) on platforms like LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. In order to get the most out of this program, it helps to have a LinkedIn profile, even though being active isn’t necessary. (Cos after this program, you will be ;)

You’ll get immediate access to our Exclusive LinkedIn Content Conversion System™ Course member area with all the modules, training videos and bonuses waiting for you when you're pay in full; otherwise dripped weekly! So, you can focus on each lesson individually and have ample time to digest the material.

All of the strategies I teach can be done organically and without buying any LinkedIn products. YAY! P.S. If you do have LinkedIn Premium, I have a BONUS specifically about how you can make use of your subscription and get the most out of your investment. 

You have full year (12 Months) access to the Linked Content Conversion System™ course material! That means that all of the Content Conversion System™ content is downloadable and you’re more than welcome to save the lessons onto your computer, so you’ll be able to access it for as long as you'd like. 

We've designed Content Conversion System™ for our insiders to get results within 6-8 weeks. This means a 12-month container provides students with an additional amount of time to go through the program in-depth at your own pace. And truth'll get the most updated, integrity-focused LinkedIn Growth Strategies and Techniques and most importantly, we don't want Content Conversion System™ to be another program that collects dust. 

Instead, we want all our students to stay accountable and see life-changing results in LESS than 3 months of deciding to start leveraging LinkedIn content for their business.

That said, we understand everyone has different learning styles and our [in] team is here to support you along every step of your LinkedIn Journey. 

We also offer course extensions at a special discounted rate for students who love Content Conversion System™ and want to extend their time within the program! 

We highly recommend keeping in contact with the purpose-driven entrepreneurs you’ve made connections with!

The 14-Day “Business Changing” Guarantee or Your Money Back!

This comprehensive program is designed to create content that converts, boost overall social engagement and attract your dream clients to your inbox —daily, with the most up-to-date, tested & tried practices, so you can move your followers into raving fans and credit-card HOT+READY Clients.  

If you do not find this program helpful within 14 Days, email me and I’ll send you a full refund. I just ask that you can show that you put in the work. Deal? 

3 Milestones:

⭐️ Personal Brand Boss™ : Build a high-converting LinkedIn Profile

🔥 Content Conversion System™ : Create magnetic content that converts

💎 Link Business Academy™ :
Turn your LinkedIn connections into high-ticket clients

✔ **The ONLY program that includes LIVE Coaching with Salina + Guest Expert Trainings!**

Access 3 LinkedIn Programs +
6 Months Community Support

3 Milestones:

✔ Optimize your No-Brainer Profitable Offer Ecosystem

✔ Confidently close those 4-5 figure B2C and B2B deals

✔ Turn Your LinkedIn connections into high-ticket clients—on autopilot

Turn your LinkedIn connections into high-ticket clients

3 Milestones:

✔ Craft magnetic content that builds demand for your business

✔ Turn your followers to raving fans & best-fit clients that DM you—daily

✔ Repurpose your content & get results on LinkedIn & other social platforms for years to come

Create magnetic content that converts

3 Milestones:

✔ Create a bulletproof LinkedIn personal brand with magnetic messaging

✔ Grow 500 new best-fit followers within 30 days—and do it on repeat

✔ Transform your LinkedIn profile into a high-converting sales page to bring warm leads into your online world

Build a high-converting LinkedIn Profile

There’s a course + a milestone for each stage of LinkedIn mastery.

What’s the difference between the 3 programs?

Level 1+2+3
Insiders Suite Experience™:

Level 3
Link Business Academy™:

Level 2
Content Conversion System™:

Level 1
Personal Brand Boss™:

The People you’re made for?
They are waiting for you to change their lives. 


All we have to do is put you in front of them on LinkedIn.
Big incredible things are coming for you.

Take out all the Guesswork out of LinkedIn Today

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