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With 400 million members across the world and 77 percent of all job postings, LinkedIn is the biggest career opportunity you’re not taking advantage of!

How To LinkedIn

The science of maximizing
your personal brand

LinkedIn is the tool that’s revolutionizing the 21st century workforce.

Never before have professionals from all industries, all backgrounds, and all levels of experience been able to harness their unique skills and experiences in order to build virtual working relationships that span the globe. This one platform allows you to create a persona that aligns with your goals and passions. For the first time in the history of work, you have the power to master the way new networking contacts and potential employers see you. You have the chance to interact with thought leaders in your industry. You have the ability to build a brand beyond the walls of the company you work for.

With LinkedIn, anything is possible.

With How To LinkedIn, every opportunity is within your reach.

How To LinkedIn

The science of maximizing
your personal brand

How To LinkedIn shows you step-by-step how to leverage every single opportunity the platform has to offer. You’ll learn how to build your LinkedIn profile from the ground up, including how to:

  • Navigate the LinkedIn platform
  • Write a strategic LinkedIn profile headline
  • Choose a profile photo that will boost your views by a factor of 14
  • Write an effective LinkedIn profile summary
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile with industry-specific keywords
  • Network with other LinkedIn users through groups, messages, and LinkedIn Pulse posts
How To LinkedIn is more than a manual; it’s a guidebook for discovering and communicating your personal brand. Whether you’re a graduate who is new to the workforce or a C-suite executive at the helm of a Fortune 500 company, How To LinkedIn is the only book you need to become a LinkedIn power user.

About Ron Nash (a.k.a. Coach Ron Nash)

LinkedIn mastermind Ron Nash is the world’s first interactive career coach. Through his innovative combination of social technology and virtual coaching, Ron is redefining how professionals climb the career ladder in the 21st century. His two decades as a recruiter informs his work today, helping new graduates and executives as well as start-ups and legacy companies build their brands on LinkedIn.

Ron has taught his personal branding methodology at conferences, including Social Media Examiner 2015; world-class universities, including the University of California at Los Angeles; and organizations, including the Association of Financial Planners and Career Reboot (a Veteran training program). He’s currently partnering with Pearson Education to bring his methods to millions across the globe.

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